Monday, 3 December 2012

Dementia Care

I have recently been shown the work which the hospital is doing to improve dementia care. At any time 25% of patients will be suffering from dementia and a further 35% from some sort of cognitive impairment and/or confusion e.g. from a stroke or delirium. Thus recognising such patients and creating a safe and comfortable environment for them is very important.

Currently two 6 bed bays in Wisley ward, one in Ewhurst and one in Eashing have been decorated and equipped with these patients specifically in mind. The bays in Wisley are the latest to be refurbished in such a way and are impressive. For example the walls are yellow (restive colour), the toilet door has a large diagrammatic picture of a toilet and is red. Things such as paper towel dispenser, grab rails, toilet seat are red or surrounded with a red colour to provide strong contrast (red is the last colour to fade with failing eye sight). Tray with water beaker and top of the water jug are red (also indicates patient needs assistance with drinking). Pictures on the walls reflect the current season. There is a large clock with the date in large letters. There is soft relaxing low music in the background and there are activities every day for those who want to participate e.g. dominoes, cards, flower arranging. Extra ceiling lights have been installed to add some brightness and to aid vision. Work is progressing on photos of meals for the hospital menus.

Finance has been secured for all Wisley bed bays to be redecorated and equipped in this way.

Additionally they are promoting patient centred care  through using the "This is me/My care passport" which contains details about the patient which can inform all carers and can be passed to carers outside hospital such as care homes and vice versa. Also all staff in the hospital are to receive some training in dementia care.

All good stuff!!

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