Thursday, 28 February 2013

Proposed staff reductions

I have been asked a variety of questions following reports in the media of proposed staff reductions in the Royal Surrey so this is what I know. As in all Trusts financial pressures are great putting pressure on the hospital to make savings. The following is what is proposed and is now subject to consultation with unions.
Ø All vacancies are being reviewed and cannot be filled without permission of senior management
Ø Strenuous efforts are to be made to reduce the use of agency nurses
Ø Loss of one specialist palliative nurse
Ø Loss of one specialist gynaecological nurse
Ø Loss of one care assistant on each ward
Ø Some sharing of medical secretaries
Ø Some loss of non-frontline staff

There will be no loss of consultants or other medical staff.

Governors have been assured that all this has been formally risk assessed to ensure that there is no danger to patients.

Naturally I and other governors do not welcome loss of staff particularly frontline staff such as nurses. Of course we will watch out for any significant deterioration of quality of care and should we have concerns will make our views clear. However it has to be recognised that is exceedingly difficult to associate any deficiency to a staff reduction with any degree of certainty not least because we all know that care staff will as always up their effort to ensure patients continue to be well cared for. I am particularly sad to see the loss of a specialist palliative nurse and the impact it will inevitably have on those who are experiencing the ultimate in suffering.

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