Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance checks

Cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance are extremely important aspects of any hospital. I used to be a member of the Surrey LINk RSCH Group and over a period of about 6 years I organised checks of these features throughout the hospital . When LINk folded to be replaced by Surrey Healthwatch (yet to get in to its stride) such checks lapsed. However I am pleased to say that the Council of Governors has recently agreed to a proposal from me that these checks should be undertaken by a volunteer group of 8 governors working in pairs.

We intend to cover all parts of the hospital other than the wards (wards are encompassed in a different manner and will also involve governors). Our first check visit (to Nuclear medicine and day Surgery) has taken place and we expect to cover all the ground over a 10 month period. Reports will be sent for action to the hospital's  Patient Quality and Safety Committee and to the appropriate head of department.

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