Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Care Quality Commission Report on hospital inspection published
 The CQC Report on their inspection of the RSCH was published today. It was very good. Staff can be proud to have been found caring, inclusive, open and skilled in what they do. The CQC were in receipt of some adverse comments of course but overwhelmingly patients and the public were complimentary. Maternity and Children’s services were found to be particularly good.
On the down side there was criticism of staffing levels on some wards and some OP services were deemed in need of improvement. The Eye Clinic was the focus of particular criticism and in terms of patient experience (not clinical outcomes) was seen as not fit for purpose. This was no surprise – see my earlier blogs. The hospital does have in hand draft plans to rebuild the Clinic and has been working hard to improve matters but the CQC felt that the pace needed to be accelerated.
Overall a good and reassuring result from the CQC’s new and very intense inspection regime.

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