Friday, 2 May 2014

Royal Surrey plans merger

Today the Royal Surrey announced that it intends to merge with Ashford and St Peters. The two Boards and Executives have agreed to proceed with creating a full Business Case.

Legally no merger can take place without both sets of Governors formally approving (by a  majority). Thus as a Governor I will have a vote. At the moment I am not opposed to a merger albeit I need more details of the advantages to patients. As I get my head around the detail and can judge what is reality and what is aspiration or spin I will report here.

I represent the Trust members in Guildford and have already made the point that some meaningful process for consulting Trust members (and the wider public) must be devised. If I am to vote in a way representing the Trust members who elected me and the public in Guildford then I need to know what they think.

More to follow.

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