Thursday, 15 January 2015

Merger progress

The process for seeking authority for the Royal Surrey and Ashford & St Peters to merge proceeds steadily. The Final Business Case is scheduled to be complete in February and will then be put to the Board for their approval and put to the governors for comment and support. A small delay of about a month has occurred due to the Competition and Mergers Authority whose approval is a necessary first step. There is no reason at present to believe that approval will not be given on the first pass but if the CMA requires a second pass a significant delay would occur. I will report as and when there is news.

I represent the RSCH on the joint 'Stakeholders Committee'  which deals with communications with the public, staff etc. They have decided to hold back on a big communications thrust until CMA approval has been given. Plans are being firmed up and I expect to help staff a stand in the Friary Centre before too long. I would like also to see a stand staffed in Tescos near the hospital and Burpham Sainsburys and await to see if that proves possible. Similar plans are being prepared for other places in the joint catchment area.

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