Wednesday, 29 April 2015

As chair of the Royal Surrey's Merger Working Group of Governors I have completed a survey of governors to capture all their questions and concerns about the merger. As a result a full day has been organised for 13 May when members of the Board and the hospital's executive will address all the issues raised as part of the governor's duty to scrutinise what the Board is doing.

Also as the hospital's governor representative on the so-called advisory Stakeholders Group comprising individuals for a wide range of bodies (e.g. local government, health commissioners GP Patient Participation Groups) I attended a recent meeting to encourage the two hospitals to put more energy into preparing literature to inform and engage the public assuming that the Competition and Mergers Authority gives the go ahead in a few months time. I will be joining a few others to review any such literature to ensure it is straight forward without jargon. Watch this space!

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