Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Merger pauses

In my last posting I mentioned that The Royal Surrey's financial position was 'dire' and 'unsustainable'. I have now been informed that the position has become so bad that the hospital has to concentrate all its efforts on swift and painful corrective action. They have therefore decided to 'pause' the merger.

Immediately the Trust will advertise for a new and permanent Chief Executive, a new Finance Director (the existing one announced a month ago that he had a new job - nothing to do with he financial meltdown) and a 'turn around' Director. All vacancies are frozen.

The causes of such a rapid deterioration are many and complex bur  revolve around failures to control departmental budgets and staff costs including agency staff and  ballooning drug costs. Governors are determined to know more and what steps are to be taken to guarantee a quick return to stability.

As for the merger the position, it will be reviewed in about 6 months but I cannot see it happening within 18 months at best if it happens at all.

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