Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Monitor is to investigate the Royal Surrey

I have just heard that Monitor (he body responsible for overseeing all Foundation Trusts) will be formally investigating the Royal Surrey for two reasons
  • its sudden runaway financial deficit which it failed to control through proper governance arrangements re top executives and the board
  • and its deterioration in performance against key targets and standards particularly A&E waits, the 62 day cancer standard and cancer 2 week (breast) standard
Governors have, during last year, expressed concerns that  doubling up of responsibilities at senior level when the CEO Nick Moberly left was unwise and would overload senior staff when there was the  added risk of eyes being off the ball with concentration on the merger. This is reflected in Monitor's concerns. Also I have several times expressed worries about serious breaches of the 62day cancer standard. Under processes concerned with formal Trust Quality Accounts, Governors are empowered to choose a standard for external audit. We chose the 62 day cancer standard.

Thus I certainly welcome the Monitor investigation.

The Trust has appointed a 'turnaround' Director who is now in post.

(Monitor has changed its a name very recently to 'NHS Improvement' - what a waste of money)

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