Thursday, 6 October 2016

Stroke review.   As I noted in an earlier blog a formal consultation is promised on proposed alteration to stroke services in Surrey as a result of a review by Clinical Commissioning Groups. Despite promises of consultation, plans are being put in place for implementation. So I do not expect any consultation will make a difference. In essence there will be just three Hyper Acute Stroke Units in Surrey and they will be in Frimley Park, St Peters and East Surrey hospitals. The Royal Surrey will lose its stoke unit and patients with a stroke in the Guildford area will go to St Peters in Chertsey. Those having a stoke to the South of Guildford in the area bounded by Cranleigh, Haslemere and Elstead will go to Frimley Park. Already staff in the Royal Surrey are being spoken to re their future and St Peters is looking to off load some of its patients to the Royal Surrey to create bed space for more stroke patients.

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