Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Community Services update

On 17 March the Royal Surrey will formally take over from Virgin Care the running of Adult Community Health Services in Guildford and Waverley. It will be a great challenge but presents many exciting opportunities not least of which is to have care pathways which extend from acute care at the Royal Surrey right in to Community care including Haslemere and Milford hospitals.

Staff employed by Virgin Care will transfer back in to the NHS as employees of the Royal Surrey. When Procare, the federation of 90% of GPs in the area, is ready and recognised as a qualified supplier of health services, district  nursing and community matron service staff will become employees of Procare  who will be under contract to the Royal Surrey. This will create a direct link between district nursing and GP services with many possible advantages.

The existing Royal Surrey Board and thus Governors such as myself will oversee these community services in addition to the Royal Surrey as now. Big change in scope!

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