Thursday, 27 September 2012

A report on my first days

I have attended my first Council of Governors and today attended the quarterly Trust Board Meeting. The papers included the Annual Accounts on performance and finance. In essence the Trust had a resonable financial year with a resonable surplus and the quality accounts showed very good clinical service to us the public. Obviously there were a few concerns here and there but that should not detract from all the very good stuff. This financial year is however going to be tough (as with all NHS hospitals) and the following years will be tougher! A few highlights:
  • The hospital runs a suite of over 80 projects 'Patients First' all aimed at improving patient care. A considerable commitment.
  • the hospital organised a Peer Group Review of its processes for dealing with those with a learning disability. The team included a service user, a carer and two learning disabilty nurses, The feedback from the day was positive and the hospital has agreed an action plan for further improvement.
  • the hospital also organised a Peer Group Review of Privacy and Dignity. The review was undertaken by a senior team from Western Sussex NHS Trust. The overall result was a 'score' of 95% which is good. An action plan has been formulated based on the results.
  • A recent unannounced visit by the Care Quality Commission resulted in a very good report all round. The one downside I picked up was waiting times in OPs. The report should soon be on the CQC web site.
  • MRSA has all but disappeared in the hospital. One case in the year so far.
If anyone wants a copy of the Learning Disability or Privacy and Dignity Report I am sure the hospital will provide one.

Anybody can attend the hospital's quarterly Board meeting. It's a bit mechanistic but the discussion can be interesting. Dates and times on the hospital web site.

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