Monday, 13 May 2013

Eye Clinic Update

I was recently briefed by the Ophthalmology team on progress with the Eye Clinic improvements. The Clinic Manager computer system is in place but it was agree that the screens could be better placed and another would be warranted. Also what is displayed is not very clear to patients. They will address both these issues.

New staff have now been recruited and the new rooms are in operation. Some extra waiting space has been created. A drinks machine is being installed.

A new system for getting and tracking notes has been implemented with significant improvements albeit I have heard from one patient that it is not perfect.

A 'time and motion' study is underway to identify bottlenecks in patient flow. This will be used to see how to improve the worst aspects of the clinic – extremely variable waiting experience.

By July all improvements which are deemed possible with the current restrictions on space and equipment will have been implemented. A longer term business plan for extensive changes will then be presented to the hospital Board. I have been briefed on its essence and it will, if it comes about, be great for patients.

Finally a weekly one page summary of progress is now being produced and will be handed out to Eye Clinic patients.

I am pleased to say that the team has agreed to include in their deliberations an Eye Clinic patient who I nominated.

So far so good but some way to go which the Board and the Chief Executive both acknowledge.

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