Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Shared Interest Forum created

My fellow Governors have agreed to my suggestion that there should be a Shared Interest Forum for understanding the clinical performance of the Trust. I will be the facilitator and I and eleven other governors will comprise the group. Governors tend to concentrate on patient experience which of course is very important. However to my mind the critical issue for patients is how good the clinical care is e.g. clinical outcomes,. The latter is not so clear to patients or the public and when I put myself forward for election that is what I promised to concentrate on.

The Forum will be seeking to understand clinical performance by looking to see what clinical standards the Trust sets for itself, from where those atandards derive and what they mean in terms of ambition. We will work to understand to what extent the Trust meets its own standards and how the Trust compares will others in the locality and more widely e.g. nationally. We have decided to start with clinical performance in avoiding venous throboembolism and pressure damage/pressure sores. I will report from time to time on the results.

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