Friday, 12 July 2013

PLACE inspection of the hospital

Every year RSCH is obliged by the DoH to conduct a survey of the hospital's environment with results being sent to the DoH for analysis. This year the arrangement changed under the acronym PLACE (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment) and had to increase the involvement of patients (at least 50%). Overall results, which will allow the public to see how their hospital performs compared with others, will be published in September.

I was pleased to join the inspection teams to look at cleanliness, d├ęcor/maintenance, hygiene, tidiness/clutter and food quality. Overall the inspections covered all the wards and OP Departments, Day Surgery, Short Stay Surgical Unit, Endoscopy, A&E, ICU and EAU - so very comprehensive. As you can imagine results were mixed - some excellent and a few not so good and the latter will now be addressed.

When the national results are published I will put up a blog. Meanwhile if anyone wishes to be involved next year's PLACE let the hospital know.

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